We have already helped a number of diverse and interesting startups to better establish their market presence, and continue to look out for the next big thing.


  • Adludio


    Sensory Mobile Advertising

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  • Appear Here

    Appear Here

    Find, Book and Launch Pop up Shops. Working with Top UK Retail Spaces.

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  • Ball Street

    Ball Street

    Get free videos first, updates, events and competitions

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  • Blink


    Blink is a global same day hotel booking application, it has been acquired by Groupon

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  • Blis


    Blis is the global leader in advanced location data technology.

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  • Bright Move Media

    Bright Move Media

    BrightMove Media is the market leader in digital out of home moving media.

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  • Constant Commerce

    Constant Commerce

    The world's number one distributed commerce platform

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  • Depop


    Depop is where the world's creatives come to buy, sell and discover the most inspiring and unique things.

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  • Silverback


    The ultimate business intelligence solution for e-commerce marketplaces.

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  • Flitto


    Flitto is a global crowdsourcing translation platform. When you request for a translation, 3.7 million users worldwide will translate it for you fast and accurately.

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  • Kalo

    Kalo is a freelance management system built for companies looking to streamline the way they work with freelancers.

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  • Lingvist

    Lingvist is an adaptive language-learning platform.

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  • loop me

    loop me

    LoopMe is the leading mobile Demand-Side Platform for full-screen mobile advertising at scale including video, rich media and social.

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  • On Device Research

    On Device Research

    On Device Research is a mobile market research company, sample and technology provider that helps brands connect with consumers via mobile studies.

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  • Playcanvas

    Web-First Game Engine. Playcanvas allows clients to collaboratively build stunning HTML5 visualizations and games.

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  • Sales Gossip

    Sales Gossip

    Find out about all the high street fashion sales and samples sales when they happen.

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  • Tapdaq


    Through our transparent marketplace, we give developers who create high quality applications a fair opportunity to succeed.

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  • Touch Surgery

    Touch Surgery

    Augmenting Surgical Performance. Learn, prepare and test on surgical procedures, anytime, anywhere.

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  • tray.io


    tray.io offers a platform that makes it easy for anyone to build and share SaaS integrations.

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  • Unmade

    Unmade is a software platform that helps fashion brands offer customizable clothes.

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