About Us

Ballpark Ventures is a small, boutique fund investing in early stage technology startups. Our partners are all successful entrepreneurs and at this stage, investing their own money.

We're looking for European startups that we can help accelerate to success by applying a judicious mix of deep sector knowledge, influential personal network and a healthy dollop of been-there-done-that. Plus the knowledge that in exponential times, speed to market and speed of decision-making are crucial factors for success.


Investment Criteria

Our investment criteria are very simple. We ask "Can we add significant incremental value to this venture?".

Given the wealth of our experience in sectors like mobile, retail and media, these tend to be our sweet spots. And no matter how brilliant an idea, team or timing, we tend not to stray from these. What do we know about next-gen batteries, clean tech or fish farming?And if we don’t know, we can’t add that value that’s core to our success.

If you think you have a great idea check out the Team page